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Residential Home Valuation

Your home valuation is an integral part of buying, selling, building or renovating a residential property. Keystone Valuers delivers prompt, honest, independent valuations, delivered direct to you within the agreed deadline, if not sooner. Keystone Valuers has extensive knowledge of the Whangarei and Kaipara real estate markets over many years of serving these communities.

Small and agile, at Keystone Valuers we pride ourselves on treating you how we would like to be treated as customers. You’ll always be able to contact us to discuss your valuation, we will deliver your home valuation report on time and on budget. Our valuations are a full market value report with recent comparable sales in the area. A range of photographs from your property including drone shots, if required, and a detailed summary of your current or future asset are also included.

Our residential services extend beyond standard property valuation, we specialise in:

  • Residential market valuations
  • Mortgage security valuations
  • Off-plan valuations for new house builds or alterations
  • In depth market analysis for pre-purchase or pre-sale valuations
  • Rental property appraisals to value your investment asset and confirm market rent value
  • Home valuations required for family trust and relationship matters
  • Residential land valuations
  • Insurance assessment to ensure you have a suitable level of cover
  • Retrospective valuations
  • Estate planning valuations
  • Public works compensation

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